Residents of Alexandria spent the summer fighting to preserve their town. This documentary film shows the stakes.

Isabella Pereira spent June, July and August, 2023, filming and editing the following documentary. She captured in images the tension between the pastoral identity the village has long been known for, and the industrial forces threatening that identity.

The film features footage of a public hearing held by the Ohio EPA in Christ's Church, Alexandria, in June 2023. The EPA was receiving public comment as it considers whether or not to issue an air permit to Scioto Materials, a subdivision of Shelly Company, to operate an asphalt plant on Tharp Road.

As of mid-September, the Ohio EPA is still considering these public comments, and has still not decided whether to approve or deny an air permit for this proposed asphalt plant. Other footage in the film shows land owned by Mar-Zane materials, on the other side of Alexandria. There is also a proposal to build an asphalt plant on this land.


The following appear in this film, listed in order of appearance: Howard and Judy Kern, John and June Byrd, Andrew Bottar-Dillen, Allison Riggs, Max Moore, Ben Halton, Ken and Carol Apacki, Stephanie Taylor, Paul Ohl, Jami Wengatz, and Tod Frolking.